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Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation







What is AuriStim?

AuriStim is an innovative medical device for the electrical stimulation of sensory nerve fibres in the auricle. In particular, a branch of the vagus nerve is stimulated, which transmits the electrical signals to the brain and thus generates a therapeutic effect when feeling pain. Beyond symptoms, the therapy with AuriStim tackles the root cause of the disease and enables a sustainable effect. For many years, the auricular vagus nerve stimulation with AuriStim offers you a prooven therapy when it comes to:

Acute Pain            postoperative pain

Chronic Pain        back pain, cervical pain, migraine

The battery-operated stimulation device AuriStim is affixed underneath the ear. Three needle electrodes are placed in specific areas of the ear in order to stimulate the auricular vagus nerve. For this purpose, the physician searches for a vessel-nerve bundle in a vagally innervated region of the auricle and places the needles within close proximity.

After AuriStim has been activated, it transmits electrical impulses (1 pulse per second) to the nerves in the ear for a period of 3-5 days. A rhythmic stimulation is performed with alternating three hours of stimulation and three hours of pause. This rhythm allows a sustainable reduction of pain. The patient experiences a continuous, non-pharmacological pain therapy while enjoying full mobility at the same time.

For more detailed technical data and scientific results on the effect of AuriStim, please refer to the stated literature or contact us directly.

AuriStim is intended for the exclusive use by trained medical personnel. The instructions for use must be observed thoroughly.

Sustainable Therapy

Once the therapy has been started, AuriStim transmits electrical impulses to the vagus nerve in the ear in a fixed rhythm for a period of 3-5 days. Afterwards, the device and the needles will be removed and 2 to 4 days later, a new device can be attached.

The perception of the stimulation varies. However, it is often described as a noticeable tapping. Frequently, the therapeutic effect is visible immediately. However, in chronic cases a latency in therapeutic effect of several weeks is possible. Thus, a repeated application over 6-8 weeks is recommended on average.



Only a few working steps are necessary for the application of AuriStim.

Before activating the device, locate and mark the three vagally innervated regions in the auricle. After the device has been activated, connect the stimulation wires with the needle electrodes via a snap-fit connection and insert the needles into the previously marked spots in the auricle. Attach AuriStim on the neck of the patient.

The therapy starts.



Remove battery stickers and press in batteries.


Attach AuriStim cap to seal device.


Snap-fit stimulation wires to needle electrodes.


Place electrodes in vagally innervated regions.


Place AuriStim on the neck.


Secure AuiStim and electrodes with plaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to use AuriStim?

AuriStim is intended to be used in patients with acute or chronic pain, specificially: postoperative pain, back pain, cervical syndrome or migraine. AuriStim is intended to be used by trained medical personnel exclusively. The instructions for use have to be observed thoroughly before application.

What pain conditions can be treated by AuriStim?

AuriStim is intended to be used in patientes with acute and chronic pain conditions. These include, in particular, postoperative pain, migraine, chronic back pain and cervical syndrome.

How many therapies with AuriStim are necessary to achieve a therapeutic effect?

Frequently, the therapeutic effect of AuriStim gets visible immediately. However, in specific cases, particularly in cases of chronic pain, the effect may be delayed. The duration of therapy depends on the indication an the individual patient and may last 6-8 weeks on average. For more details, please contact us.

How long do patients have to wear AuriStim?

AuriStim is a continuous therapy for a period of 3 to 5 days. In this period, AuriStim is worn continuously. The stimulation is performed in a rhythm of three hours stimulation and three hours paused stimulation. After a break of 2-4 days, if prescribed by the physician, a new AuriStim can be attached. Depending on the indication, the average duration of the therapy is 6-8 weeks. For more details, please contact us.

Can patients move freely and take showers while wearing AuriStim?

Patients can move freely and are typically not disturbed while walking, sleeping or showering. Patients can take a showers during the therapy with AuriStim. However, patients must be careful that the device on the neck does not get wet. From our experience, it is possible to shower normally by covering the device with a shower plaster. Patients should consult their attending physician if they notice that the device no longer works after taking a shower.

Can patients practice sports during the therapy with AuriStim?

Due to the small size of AuriStim and the practical attachment behind the ear, AuriStim provides unrestricted mobility – thus, patients can also practice sports. However, excessive sweating may possibly cause the device to detach from the neck. In this case, patients should contact their attending physician.

What should patients do, if they no longer feel the stimulation?

The stimulation with AuriStim should be noticed as a slight tapping or tingling sensation. It may happen that patients perceive the stimulation as becoming weaker over time. After 3-5 days, the stimulation is typically no longer perceivable. Patients should wear the device for the period which has been recommended by their attending physician. If patients suddenly no longer perceive the stimulation, they should contact their attending physician.