Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation



Auricular vagus nerve stimulation modulates the body’s autonomic nervous system by electrical pulses, thus being highly effective and avoiding drug-related side effects.


Auricular vagus nerve stimulation tackles the root cause of the disease, yielding a sustainable therapeutic effect rather than acting purely symptomatic, thus helping patients and changing lives.

Easy to handle

Auricular vagus nerve stimulation is a minimally invasive therapy and can be administered easily by completing a few quick and simple working steps in an ambulatory environment.

What is AuriStim?

AuriStim is an innovative medical device for the electrical stimulation of sensory nerve fibres in the auricle. In particular, free nerve endings of the auricular branch of the vagus nerve are stimulated. The vagus nerve transmits the electrical signals to the brain and thus generates a therapeutic effect when suffering from pain, rather than being purely symptomatic as comparable stimulation therapies currently available. Beyond symptoms, the therapy with AuriStim tackles the root cause of the disease and correspondingly yields a sustainable effect. The auricular vagus nerve stimulation with AuriStim offers you a proven therapy when it comes to:

• Chronic Pain        low back pain, cervical pain, migraine

• Acute Pain            post-operative pain

The battery-powered stimulation device AuriStim is externally attached closely behind or underneath the ear. Three needle electrodes are placed in specific areas of the auricle in order to stimulate the auricular vagus nerve. For localization of ideal application targets for the needle electrodes, the physician searches for vessel-nerve bundles in the vagally innervated region of the auricle. Only a few simple working steps are required for applying and activating AuriStim.

After AuriStim has been activated, it transmits electrical pulses (1 pulse per second) to the nerves in the ear for a period of three to five days. A cyclic stimulation is applied with a fixed duty cycle of three hours ON and three hours OFF. This stimulation pattern turned out to be most effective and allows for a sustainable reduction of pain.

For more detailed technical data and scientific results on the effect of AuriStim, please refer to the quoted literature or contact us directly.

AuriStim is intended for the exclusive use by trained medical personnel. Prior to application,
the instructions for use must be studied carefully.

Sustainable Therapy

Once the system has been initialized and the therapy starts, AuriStim transmits electrical pulses to the vagus nerve in the ear. After a week, the device and the needle electrodes are removed and a new AuriStim system is attached to the opposite ear, resulting in a weekly therapeutic cycle. Usually, an average of repeated AuriStim applications over a period of six to eight weeks is recommended, depending on pain conditions and medical indication, in order to obtain a sustainable symptoms relief beyond the active treatment period.

The perception of the stimulation varies and is often described as a noticeable tapping. Frequently, the therapeutic effect in terms of symptoms relief is observable immediately, however, in severe chronic cases a latency in the therapeutic effect of several weeks is possible.

With AuriStim, patients receive a minimally-invasive, highly effective and non-pharmacological therapy that provides a sustainable effect far beyond the active treatment cycle.